MetroWorks is a software technology company that creates open platform applications to help publishers, website operators, and corporations serving content to the public to increase traffic and monetize their websites.

Based in Japan, we are an international company building a network of partnerships around Asia.

Two business models

For partner roll-outs of our solutions, typically where the partner is a publisher or website operator, we provide our technology, implementation, and maintenance at zero upfront cost and earn a share of revenue on sales. The partner agrees to engage in sufficient sales and marketing to satisfy a minimum level of income to both parties.

For corporations wishing to own their own solutions based on MetroWorks technology, we also offer fee-based contracting, utilizing the same skills and marketing know how that we have gained in the open marketplace.

We primarily partner with paper and web media companies having a proven audience of at least 100,000 people (print copies if a print publisher or registered members if a web operator). In our experience, this size of audience is ideal for creating sufficient volume of content and traffic to make the joint venture commercially successful. If you think your web or print operation meets this basic requirement, then please contact us here.

If your company would like to use our services, please contact us here.

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